Price Match Guarantee

Price match guarantee

1.1 Conditions for Price Guarantee

Our Price Guarantee applies if the following conditions are met:
• You have reserved a room with us through one of our partner sites and channels.
• A confirmation booking number has been issued.
• The booking made is on a refundable rate.
• Or a screenshot or link is provided to show evidence of the lower price promoted somewhere else.
• Within 24 hours following the booking confirmation or potential booking you find:

The same property, same apartment type, same date(s) of stay, same length of stay at the same rate conditions and for the same number people.

A room offered at a lower price and available for booking, on the same basis as the total cost of stay with the same inclusions (taxes, VAT, services),

On our website, mobile website or any other third party channel. This booking herein referred to as ‘Acceptable booking’.

In the event of the Acceptable Booking being confirmed by Urban Creation under the above terms and conditions, Urban Creation shall apply the third party channel price to your direct booking.
1.2 Cases for excluding the Price Guarantee
The price guarantee will not apply in the following cases:
• Business and corporate rates
• Rates displayed on websites/portals/web pages which do not have an on-line booking system
such as information sites or sites which confirm reservations only after contacting the hotel (“booking request”).
1.3 Currency and price difference
• If a Third Party Channel’s rate is displayed in a currency other than that of the Acceptable Booking:
• Urban Creation’s team will convert this rate into the currency of the Acceptable Booking and the exchange rate used will be the exchange rate applicable at the time when the Acceptable Booking was made.
• The Price Guarantee will be applicable if the Third Party Channel’s rate is less than the amount of the Acceptable Booking.
• Differences in price related to fluctuations or differences in currency exchange rates shall not be taken into account.
1.4 Procedures
In order to benefit from the Price Guarantee, you must meet the conditions mentioned in 1.1 and contact us on +44 (0)117 325 8104 or email us on

Urban Creation cannot be held liable if errors or incomplete information have been provided by the Customer and if Urban Creation cannot apply the Price Guarantee under the conditions specified herein.

A screenshot displaying both the date of the capture and the lowest price found using the Third- Party Booking Channel must be provided with the associated terms and conditions of sale.

The screenshot must show clearly the date of the stay, the property name, the terms and conditions of sale, the number of people in the room and the rates offered on the Third-Party Booking Channel.
Requests must be submitted within 24 hours following confirmation of the Acceptable Booking. To comply with these deadlines, you should refer to the dates and times mentioned in your booking confirmation email.
1.5 Request Management
If your request meets all of the conditions herein, Urban Creation will honour you with the Price Guarantee.

If the request does not meet the Price Guarantee conditions Urban Creation will contact you stating that you cannot benefit from the Price Guarantee with reasons for this refusal.

In the event that you wish to cancel the Acceptable Booking and not benefit from Price Guarantee, please refer to the cancellation policy applicable to your Acceptable Booking.
1.5 Liability
Urban Creation has no control over a Third-Party Booking Channel and cannot be held responsible for costs which may arise following cancellation of a booking and for all bookings made through any Third-Party Channel.
1.6 Amendments to terms and conditions
Urban Creation reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms and conditions shall take effect on the date they are put on the website and shall apply to any request on the website from the time they are uploaded.
Urban Creation also reserves the right to end the Price Guarantee at any time, it being specified that requests submitted before the termination of Price Guarantee will be processed by Urban Creation under the terms and conditions specified herein.