Why Serviced Apartments Are The Safest Place To Stay During Your Next Trip

Finding an ideal accommodation when you travel is an important decision. Not only do you want comfort, relaxation and a home away from home feeling; but you also want to be safe and secure.

We could sit here and list all the reasons why serviced apartments are great…but we don’t have all day! So here are the reasons why serviced apartments are the safest places to stay during your next city trip:

Easy To Book

Most providers offer their own online booking facilities as well as apartments being available via online booking agents. Therefore, you can be assured you are booking through a trustworthy source. At Urban Creation we have a guest exclusive app which not only provides you with all the information you need, but gives you access to important documents such as your key card for entry. This way, you can ensure everything is safe and in one place.


Serviced apartments offer a greater degree of privacy, so you can really make yourself at home. Your apartment can be kept clean, but you can retain privacy without constant interruptions.


Serviced apartments are private, self-contained accommodations. In addition, you will find that they’re complete with 24-hour CCTV, secure entry and around the clock contactable security staff.


So, you might be wondering where safety comes into this one; it’s all about group accommodation! With serviced apartments you are free to come and go as you wish, enabling you to do things to meet your own schedule. At Urban Creation we provide apartments for same parties all under one roof, this can work well for families, colleagues or groups travelling together. Meaning you and your travel party can be safe together in one place.

Travel with confidence and ease – check out our luxury serviced apartments in the heart of Bristol & London here

Date Published: Wednesday 30th August 2023