Why our USP’s matter

The key to any company’s success is to ensure it’s audience knows exactly what it is they do. There is a big audience out there wanting to find out more, but if they don’t know anything about you, how are they ever going to find you?

We (Urban Creation) are a property development business specialising in high end student accommodation and serviced apartments. Our portfolio of properties spans across the Clifton and Park Street area of Bristol, with excellent links to everything the city has to offer.

But there is so much more to a company than just what they do. It’s what they are about that is key. What makes them special? What makes them stand out? What draws you to that brand? 

For you to understand a little bit more about us, we thought we would share exactly what it is that sets us apart. 

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Firstly, the main point to mention are the type of buildings we specialise in. Bristol is a beautifully historic city with a range of Georgian and Victorian houses and with over 15 years experience in developing them, we ensure that all of our properties keep their historical essence. By retaining as many of the original period features as possible we can keep that sense of history within.

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Our interior design style is based around mixing both period architecture with modern developments in design. Therefore our properties are fresh and modern. You will find those little bits of history perfectly placed around new developments, such as modern kitchens, fixtures and fittings, providing our guests and tenants with their own little slice of luxury.

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We know that attention to detail matters. That’s why it’s the little extras in our properties that set us apart. The use of space saving solutions through clever design ensures we maximise as much space as possible (read our blog on how we maximise space here). 

The use of Algotherm toiletries and rainfall showers in our Beech House apartments for example, cleverly finish off that sophisticated feel that oozes from the property. 

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As stated previously, all of our properties are based in Clifton and Park Street meaning they are all extremely central. This is perfect for those wanting to visit the city and explore what it has to offer. Or for students, access to the University is readily available. Whatever you want to get out of the city be it art, culture, food or music, our properties are perfectly located for all. 

Probably the most important of all is the customer service we pride ourselves on and the close relationships we have with our tenants and guests. Our current tenants all have one main point of contact and with the use of WhatsApp we make it extremely easy to communicate with us. We know how daunting it can be moving to a new city and we are here to make that transition as easy as possible. 

The same goes with our guests at our serviced apartments. We ensure that every aspect of their stay is as pleasant as possible and with the addition of senior housekeeping staff, our guests have a familiar face to speak to should they wish to do so. 

We hope this has enabled you to understand a little bit more about what we are about.

You can find out more about our student properties here or our serviced apartments here. Alternatively you can call us on 0117 934 9508.

The Urban Creation Team

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