Using A Serviced Apartment As Your Home Office

We have all stayed in apartments for leisure, such as going on holiday, or enjoying a city break; many of us have also used them whilst on business trips….but how many of you have used them as your new home office? 

With the recent pandemic completely changing the way we all work, serviced apartment providers have seen an increase in people using their apartments as remote work spaces. 

It makes sense; they are fully equipped with everything one needs and provide that ‘home from home’ feeling. Kitted out with kitchens, showers, WCs, TVs, sofas and double beds you can pretty much do everything there you would do whilst working from home (including that much needed power nap after lunch). 

So let’s look at why serviced apartments are the new ‘home office’. 


Currently working from home and having to fight for space with the people you live with? 

Or do you need peace and quiet away from listening to your cohabitants working, or perhaps you have copious amount of zooms calls you need to be on that requires privacy and quietness? 

Serviced apartments are self contained, so the space, for the duration of time you have booked it, is yours. And only yours. 

You can use the space quietly and peacefully should you wish, or with music or the TV on… basically anyway that helps you work your best. You decide, because it’s your home office after all…. 


The benefits of booking a serviced apartment is that you can choose the best suited location for you. 

Most serviced apartments are pretty central to most towns and cities, so either you book them for convenience or you book them because you also fancy combining your work space with somewhere you can explore on your lunch breaks/ after work. 

Better wifi 

This one may be a bit of a generalisation, but strictly speaking, most serviced apartments will have better wifi than what you may have at home. This means a slicker work day and a boost of productivity. 

Goodbye frozen screens!

Break from home 

With 2020 seeing the majority of us inside our homes for the most part, serviced apartments give you that much needed break away from home. Many people find they are more productive separating the two, or at least learn to switch off when they are at home when they have worked somewhere else.  


Less of a pro and more of a checklist point, but before booking, find out from the provider what equipment they have set up. You don’t want to turn up to find out that you’ve left your mouse and monitor at home and they don’t have any spare. 

A quick call or email to decipher what you need to bring with you will alleviate any unnecessary stresses. 


At Urban Creation, we want to help you find the best apartment suitable for your needs. Want to find out more about remote working in our serviced apartments? Just contact us here. 

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