Urban Creation joins Hotelier’s Charter

Urban Creation has announced it has joined the Hotelier’s Charter in a bid to help raise the profile of the hospitality industry within the public arena. The charter exists to advocate working in the hospitality industry as a great career choice promoting this to schools, parents, colleges and universities.

In order to become a member, organisation must adhere to 10 commitments which are: 

  1. Agreeing to develop and mentor employees while positioning hotel roles as careers, not just jobs.
  2. Supporting the Hospitality Commitment to respect team members’ work/life balance.
  3. Supporting the ambition to end low pay.
  4. Championing a fair and transparent service charge.
  5. Offering colleagues access to an employee assistance programme.
  6. Providing a positive and nourishing workplace environment and culture for colleagues.
  7. Supporting industry charities, and other charities relating to the community they serve.
  8. Driving environmentally sustainable businesses with a commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, and champion the government’s commitment to be carbon neutral by 2050.
  9. Advocating diversity, inclusion and equality.
  10. Committing to the Modern Slavery Act.

Christine Anderson, Operations and Revenue Manager at Urban Creation said: ‘We are delighted to join this charter helping drive public opinion on the hotel industry as a great place to work. We’ve made a commitment to providing an environment that provides respect, fairness, opportunity, equality and diversity that also focuses on our employees wellness and career development.’

The Hoteliers’ Charter was introduced in 2020. Founder Sally Beck conceived the idea to help dispel the notion that those working in hotels work ‘long hours for little pay’. The Hoteliers’ Charter has already secured the support of many industry bodies such as The Master Innholders, UKHospitality, St Julian’s Scholars and The Institute of Hospitality along with many other hotel general managers.