National Living Wage Week: Urban Creations’ Commitment to it’s Employees

It’s National Living Wage Week. Established in 2014, Living Wage Week calls attention to the millions of British workers earning less than the real Living Wage, which is calculated based on living costs. The grassroots movement aims to garner public support to encourage more employers, especially large corporations, and retailers, to commit to implementing the Living Wage.

Here at Urban Creation, providing our team with competitive, equitable compensation has always been super important to us.

As of last week, the new real Living Wage rates are £12 across the UK, and £13.15 in London. The real Living Wage rates are the only UK wage rate to be independently calculated on the cost of living.

This represents a 10% increase, which reflects that living costs continue to rise sharply hitting low paid workers hardest.

With energy and food costs still high, paying the real Living Wage and committing to decent employment has never been more important.

Not only this but paying a real Living Wage improves the employer brand, boosts staff productivity and motivation at work.  

What do Urban Creation do to support this movement?

We proudly pay salaries that meet or preferably exceed the National Living Wage Foundation’s recommended minimums for both our full-time and contracted workers. But our commitment to fair pay extends beyond legally mandated baselines. Through comprehensive benchmarking, we aim to provide wages aligned with industry standards and cost of living in the region we operate – Bristol.

While competitive base pay is crucial, comfort and quality of life matter too. All employees receive generous paid time off, pension matching, and flexible remote work options enabling better work-life balance and financial stability. 

Our team members are superstars and our greatest asset, instrumental in making Urban Creation an industry leader renowned for excellence. Investing in their financial security and overall well-being demonstrates our deep appreciation for their skills and contributions.

This Living Wage Week, we applaud The Living Wage Foundation and their national campaign to improve equitable pay and treatment for all workers. And we reaffirm our own commitment to exemplary compensation and support for our talented, dedicated employees all year round.

Published: Monday 6th November by Phoebe Clutton