Hotels Vs Serviced Apartments: Why You Should Choose the Latter

When booking accommodation for your next trip, you typically have two options – hotels or serviced apartments. While hotels have traditionally been the default choice, serviced apartments are surging in popularity. Here’s why you should consider serviced apartments over hotels for your next stay:

More Space & Comfort 

Serviced apartments provide significantly more living space than a typical hotel room. You’ll have a separate bedroom, fully equipped kitchen, and living area to relax in – ideal for longer stays or families. The expanded space also allows you to dine in, work comfortably, and just generally relax. They act as your home away from home!

Homelike Amenities 

Speaking of your home-away-from-home, with serviced apartments, you can live like a local by preparing meals in your own kitchen and washing laundry in the provided appliances. Little homey touches like welcome snacks, high-quality linens, and toiletries add to the homely feel.

Better Value 

You get more amenities for your money with a serviced apartment. The extra space, facilities, and convenience factors make serviced apartments a comparable or cheaper option than a hotel with fewer frills.

Flexible Locations 

While hotels cluster around tourist hubs, serviced apartments are found throughout residential areas. This allows you to live in a less crowded, more authentic neighbourhood. Proximity to groceries and neighbourhood restaurants can provide savings too. For example, our Luxury Serviced Apartments are situated right in the heart of Bristol and London – luxury city living! 

Privacy & Independence 

There’s greater privacy and independence in an apartment versus hotel. No noisy neighbours to worry about! Come and go freely, cook when you want, and relax in seclusion and silence. The autonomy is ideal for remote workers too.

One last thing…

Now…you might be wondering, what about 24 hour customer service? Surely serviced apartments can’t provide the same kind of service a reception desk at a hotel can? Urban Apartments can – we have a whole reservations team in walking distance from our apartments, ready to pick up the phone any time of day. 

For more amenities, space, and cost-savings, serviced apartments edge out hotels. The residential atmosphere facilitates a comfortable, customisable stay – especially for longer trips. Give apartments a try for your next getaway!

Published: 31st October 2023 by Phoebe Clutton