Home improvements during lockdown

The effects of Covid-19 has been felt by the world as a whole. With the UK currently in lockdown and the duration of this unknown, more people than ever are turning to home improvements.

If you have a ‘to-do’ list you’ve been putting off, now is the perfect time to do it. And if you don’t have a list, here are our top tips on things you can be getting on with. 

Make room for an office 

A huge number of people are working from home for the first time ever; resulting in a lot of people not having a workspace incorporated into their homes. Some of our properties are designed for students, so we know the importance of having a designated work area.

Studio apartment in 5 Park Street Avenue- blue wall with yellow chair

If you have a desk, great, you’re half way there. Just ensure it is set up as a productive working environment. To do this, clear any unnecessary items off of the workspace (we are looking at you empty coffee mugs) and only keep things for work on it. Also, think about its positioning such as light coming in from a window and it shining off your screen. 

Setting up and down for the day is also important. Set up your workspace in the morning and pack it all away at the end of your working day so that you properly switch off. This is particularly important if your desk is in your bedroom.  

If you do not have a desk we suggest finding a table (such as a dining table or even a dressing table). Again ensure that you dedicate a section of it for your work so you have a clear workspace. 


Decluttering is great for your mental health. Clearing physical items can help you feel like you have mentally cleansed too and it also keeps you busy. 

Dining area in apartment 15.8 in Charlotte Street

Going through cupboards and drawers to look at what you really need is a great use of time. One thing lockdown has taught many of us at Urban Creation, is that when it comes down to it, there are a lot of things we thought we needed and deemed important, when in reflection they really aren’t. 

Clearing up your house also provides you with a calming environment to live in. As we currently cannot go to charity shops or local skips to dispose of the unnecessary items, ensure you store these items in a safe place ready to dispose of when the time comes. 

Clever Storage space 

Think carefully about ways you can store your things. Do you have room under your bed that you could utilise? Could you clear the contents of a shelf by decluttering, freeing up space for things you need regularly?

Bedroom with overhead storage in Alison Court apartment, Bristol

By finding ways to store things and clearing out the old, you save time by having the things you need easily at your disposal in places that are easy to get to. Many retailers also offer clever storage holder solutions for drawers and under beds so that you can separate and store things in an organised way. 

Re paint woodwork 

Re painting skirting boards, doors and banisters can really work to brighten up the place. It’s something that although requires time, is not hard to do and will definitely give your house the fresh feeling. 

Laundry room in 5 Park Street Avenue, Bristol

Reconfigure spaces

Does your arm chair work in a different space? Could you move your sofa to a different part of the room? Experimenting with furniture is an easy way of making improvements without having to spend money or do DIY. Basically, mix things up. 

Moving tables against walls to make more space is also a good idea. Right now we all want all the space we can get! 

living area of apartment 15.8 in Charlotte's Rise, Bristol

Don’t forget your outside space

For those of you that have gardens get out there and make it sparkle (permitted they are your own garden and not communal). 

Get weeding, clean the windows and give fences and walls a fresh lick of paint. We have been lucky with the weather recently so now is the time to do it. 

Exterior shot of yellow The Manor House, Bristol

However, only do these things if you feel up to it. Don’t push yourself and set small targets of things you want to achieve or set daily targets if this works better for you. 

Tidying your house can be very fulfilling and a lot of people enjoy it, however the most important thing to take away from all of this is to stay home, stay safe and protect the NHS. 

Do you have any other tips? We would love to hear from you! 


The Urban Creation Team