Exciting news for Park Street, Bristol…

An unexpectedly lavish comeback is in store for one of Bristol’s most opulent bars from recent years.

Situated across two Georgian buildings and spanning multiple interconnected floors and rooms, Goldbrick House initially opened its doors in 2006 but ceased operations a decade later. The site was subsequently occupied by The Florist until April last year.

During its peak, Goldbrick House enjoyed a bustling period, catering to over 2,000 customers weekly across its diverse offerings, including a ground floor café, cocktail and champagne bar, a two-story restaurant, a roof terrace, and meeting rooms.

Despite its success, the operational demands of the multi-level establishment, housed within the challenging space, required a substantial staff presence to manage the various areas.

It’s worth noting that the forthcoming iteration of Goldbrick House, set to open in February, appears to have no connection to its predecessor, which closed its doors in May 2016. The new establishment, heralded by a fresh Instagram account bearing the Goldbrick House name since December 1, promises to be “Bristol’s new favourite luxury bar and social experience.” A sign in the window hints at an upcoming “multi-roomed experience.”

Urban Creation look forward to welcoming back an old neighbour.

Published 08/01/2024 by Phoebe Clutton