Updated guidance: Atlantic Linen Services

The following update is from our linen providers:

Dear Valued Customer,

Now that the announcement has been made by the Government in re-opening business, Atlantic Linen Services has taken actions and measures in order to safely operate during these difficult times of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

The measures Atlantic Linen Services has taken has been developed within guidelines from both Global (WHO – World Health Authority) and UK Government. 

We also continue to strive to comply with joint industry guidelines as outlined by the Textiles Services Association (TSA) and UK hospitality. 

We would like to make you aware that we have taken many steps to ensure that the risk is minimised in spreading of the pandemic and to ensure that our staff and customers are safe in these challenging times. 

We would like to assure you of the measures taken as listed below: 

  1. Our washing process has a a thermal disinfection to adhere to healthcare standards of above 71 degrees for over a 5 minutes period or more.
  2. We regularly disinfect all or our plant and equipment, including machinery, handles, work surfaces, bathrooms, vehicles: door handles, seating and any other surface or equipment that may potentially transmit the virus. Antibacterial hand sanitisers are available across the plant.
  3. We have wash stations, sanitisers for regular washing of hands. Gloves are provided and are worn to limit contact with surfaces.
  4. There are numerous of visual changes to our plant, including guidance posters for social distancing, cleanliness and washing of hands, one way entry points.
  5. Floor markings are in place to ensure there are visual signs and to help observe social distancing.
  6. Contact with external visitors has been restricted, there are dedicated delivery points for goods received to minimise interaction with our staff.
  7. There will be return to work screening so we can assess if employees are safe and fit to return to work.
  8. We will conduct health screening in the form of health questionnaire for all visitors and contractors prior to visiting our site.

To view our updated processes and procedures, please click here.